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Jan 19 @ 11:07AM • Twitter

Congress - stop trampling on DCs right to self govern. That's not oversight, it's oppression. Take Action NOW!…

Jan 19 @ 12:01AM • Twitter

@jenee_kg Send the link to your friends and family in states. They can help!

Jan 18 @ 10:47PM • Twitter

Take Action Now! Tell Congress to keep their hands out of DC Laws. Time for #EqualityforDC Time for #DCStatehood

Jan 18 @ 10:47PM • Twitter

3 attacks on DC Laws in just 1 week. Tell Congress that 680,000 residents can decide on our own. #EqualityforDC

Jan 18 @ 3:15PM • Twitter

Congrats to our newest Board Member! @ximenahartsock via @forbes

Jan 17 @ 9:43AM • Twitter

@maustermuhle @councilofdc How about the Maryland State Legislature? #Apples2Apples #Statehood #EqualityforDC

Jan 10 @ 10:24AM • Twitter