End taxation without representation was the rallying cry in the formation of our nation’s great democracy. It is unbelievable to many across the United States that today the people who call DC home are still fighting to end the discriminatory and unfair restriction of voting rights imposed on tax-paying Americans. 

The right to have a voice in electing individuals whose decisions impact our daily lives is the foundation of what it means to be part of America. Over the years our government has expanded voting rights to people of color, women, and others. Yet our national government continues to silence the voices of the three-quarters of a million people living in DC. For the record, six states have populations less than a million and Washingtonians pay more than 20 other states in federal income taxes, collectively.

Not only are DC residents denied full voting rights in Congress, the limited ‘home rule’ local government DC does have keeps Congress as overseers, with the ability to overrule any legislation or budget measure passed by those duly elected local officials. This leaves the lives of the residents of DC – Americans – in the hands of a Congress that is not elected by our people, does not represent our residents, and is out of step with our values.

Join us in ending this injustice! DC Vote is organizing to bring full and equal representation for DC residents through DC Statehood. Our plan preserves the area that truly represents our ideals as a nation as the Capitol of the United States, encompassing the Supreme Court, Capitol, White House and iconic monuments. By codifying the residential and commercial areas around this area as a state, we make those ideals real for the people of DC. 

Together we can build a democracy where everyone’s voice is heard. Together, we can make history!

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