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RT @CreateDC: @51stDC On Tuesday July 24th we will run a special on stickers! Specified on cover up stickers. Use the coupon code "Bigly"…

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Our ED @BoShuff had a chance to talk with @SenWarren backstage at #NN19. She recommitted to #dcstatehood. "I"m with ya!" Thank you Senator Warren! #ShowUp4DC

Jul 13 @ 4:03PM • Twitter

FYI.... #DCStatehood hearing has been postponed. Text HEARING to 52886 to stay up to date.

Jul 13 @ 3:03PM • Twitter

@51stDC @Zachary_Israel Or, he's volunteering for sticker duty! Thanks Zach!!!

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RT @TroyDonte: .@JayInslee on giving the more than 700K DC residents full voting rights in Congress: "We're going to get you statehood!" Th…

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RT @TroyDonte: .@EleanorNorton at #NN19: Question...If the District had to compromise one of its senators as a Republican in order to get s…

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RT @TroyDonte: .@EleanorNorton opens up @Netroots_Nation meeting with battle cry to support #DCStatehood! The Washington DC Admission's Act…

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RT @TroyDonte: Meet my friend @akkomanduri. He's an immigrant who just became a US citizen as well as a DC resident (Yay!). He, like the Di…

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It was great meeting you @spiderpinkhill at #NN19!