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Oct 18 @ 11:10AM • Twitter

So @RepAndyHarrisMD you think that Americans should have a voice in all proceedings, no matter who their representative is? Then why do you continue to shut out the 700k who live in Washington, DC and never have full and equal participation? #DCStatehood

Oct 17 @ 7:58AM • Twitter

We honor the life and work of Rep Elijah Cummings @RepCummings today. He was a true Champion for Democracy and a great supporter of #DCStatehood. His deep compassion for equality will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and the people of Baltimore.

Oct 10 @ 10:03PM • Twitter

The @WashMystics have done it! Congratulations on the @WNBA Championship!

Oct 10 @ 4:59PM • Twitter

Just announced! @GerryConnolly will join @RepRaskin as recipients of the "Champion of Democracy" award at our Annual Gala on November 21. Tickets and sponsorships available at:

Oct 10 @ 4:31PM • Twitter

RT @AGKarlRacine: DC's 700,000+ residents serve on juries, fight in wars and pay the highest federal taxes per capita, yet cannot elect a s…

Oct 10 @ 12:47AM • Twitter

You know what to say when people think we can't win #DCStatehood? #STAYINTHEFIGHT

Oct 8 @ 3:43PM • Twitter

DC's #LGBTQ community is so creative! The #HighHeelRace is a city event that all must attend! Thank you Sheila Alexander Reid of @DCLGBTQ You can still hear this awesome conversation on #DCStatehood and #LGBTQ issues or

Oct 8 @ 3:41PM • Twitter

And now we're down to E in SAUCE. What's her favorite Event? It's the #HighHeelRace! It's such a unique event! Sheila @DCLGBTQ Tune in NOW or

Oct 8 @ 3:39PM • Twitter

What's the C in the SAUCE? What's your favorite Community? #Crestwood #EasternMarket #BarracksRow! Are you listening? or

Oct 8 @ 3:38PM • Twitter

What's the SAUCE on #StatehoodMatters? What's Sheila's favorite University or school? It's @DukeEllingtonDC! And @udc_edu! @DCLGBTQ Tune in NOW or