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Apr 4 @ 8:17PM • Twitter

@JBurchDC @thepugdc @charlesallen @maustermuhle Half our staff will be adopting this technique next week. Your guess which half.

Apr 4 @ 4:23PM • Twitter

Fun Fact: DC passed a law to accurately label flushable wipes, but @RepAndyHarrisMD tried to step in and block it. Congressional interference ends with #DCStatehood

Apr 3 @ 5:00PM • Twitter

If you are as incensed as we are about DC's treatment in the CARES Act, we've developed a toolkit to take action. Sample emails, tweets, even signs for your window. Take action and end this discrimination.

Apr 3 @ 4:58PM • Twitter

@PeteMLynch @StudentsforDC @JBurchDC @wrd3dc @councilofdc @efcmitchell @JadePinkSameera @PetarForward3 @MA4DC @mikafrak @tomsherwood If you need a flag for your window, can print one from here: (There's even a version to color in yourself if you are looking for activities.)
#Equality4DC #DCStatehood

Apr 3 @ 4:23PM • Twitter

RT @SenJeffMerkley: The 700,000 Americans living in DC don't have a voice in the Senate to fight for them & were short-changed more than $7…

Apr 1 @ 10:30PM • Twitter

RT @davidfrum: I was already converted to the cause of DC statehood, but this crisis has clinched it. DC is now home to more people than Ve…

Apr 1 @ 2:02PM • Twitter

Take action here

Then, forward the link to friends and family, especially those who live outside DC.


Apr 1 @ 8:53AM • Twitter

RT @JBurchDC: The 9 yo speaks the truth! #DCStatehood

Mar 31 @ 8:12PM • Twitter

@SenSchumer @SenateDems The next bill must fix the discriminatory treatment of the residents of DC. #DCisHome to 705k people, more than 2 states, yet the CARES Act denied us $725M needed to keep our safety net intact. Until there is #DCStatehood, DC should always be treated as a state.

Mar 31 @ 2:58PM • Twitter

It's census day! #DCisHome to many, and knowing exactly how many helps us push forward for #DCStatehood. It takes less than 10 minutes to be counted!