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Aug 22 @ 8:55AM • Twitter

@V4DC2 @justinstrekal @NORML @BoShuff Those two links are for watching live. Every other #202sday at 3pm. For all Statehood Matters podcast episodes and archives, head to!

Aug 21 @ 11:46PM • Twitter

"The District is the only place in the country where local crimes are prosecuted by the U.S. attorney's office, whose leader is appointed by the president. The setup makes it hard to hold prosecutors accountable" #DCStatehood

Aug 21 @ 10:14AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz In the case of #DCStatehood, Occam's Razor provides a guide. Statehood is the simplest plan, and also the best, for ending Taxation Without Representation and more than 200 years of voter suppression of DC residents. 9/end

Aug 21 @ 10:11AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz Creating the 51st state in this area fully enfranchises more residents than who live in Vermont and Wyoming, recognizes that the culture and history of DC are different from MD or VA and does not diminish others to do so. 8/

Aug 21 @ 10:09AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz Retrocession requires MD residents to diminish their own representation in order to restore full representation to DC residents. There is no need to cause one harm to fix another. 7/

Aug 21 @ 10:08AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz Some have proposed "retrocession." Congress could act and take that same land and give it to MD. MD would then decide if it wanted to include this land in it's state. 6/

Aug 21 @ 10:06AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz Statehood for DC preserves the Constitutionally required federal district. The area around the Capitol, monuments, White House, etc and creates the 51st State out of the remaining land. This action restores full and equal representation to DC residents. 5/

Aug 21 @ 10:03AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz The residents of DC must be in a state - fully - to achieve full equality based on the strength of the state structures and powers enumerated in the Constitution. Keeping the area where DC residents live as not a part of any state leaves us as unequal. 4/

Aug 21 @ 10:01AM • Twitter

@JakeWojtowicz Would the residents of DC who are counted in MD for federal elections also be included in state level elections? Which county, etc? 3/