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Dec 13 @ 7:54AM • Twitter

@51stDC @GDouglasJones We know he's pro-Statehood, and will habe conversations with his team on getting him to be the 21st co-sponsor. Unless @KamalaHarris beats him to it.

Dec 12 @ 11:38PM • Twitter

So do DC residents. Support #DCStatehood

Dec 12 @ 11:22PM • Twitter
Dec 12 @ 11:03PM • Twitter

It's long past time to #TrustBlackWomen in DC with FULL representation. Lack of #DCStatehood is the most potent form of voter suppression.

Dec 12 @ 10:26PM • Twitter

If this holds, we look forward to welcoming Sen. Doug Jones to Washington. He has said he supports #DCStatehood

Dec 12 @ 10:22PM • Twitter

Both of you are off the mark. What's disgusting is that Washingtonians don't have representation in either. We dream of #DCSen #DCStatehood

Dec 12 @ 5:34PM • Twitter

Happy Hanukkah to all who are celebrating this first night.

Dec 12 @ 10:21AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: Starting now! Best way to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Home Rule Act is to do what it says: let DC govern itsel…

Dec 11 @ 3:42PM • Twitter

@slpng_giants Thanks for the heads up on this. If anyone wants to see the video about #DCStatehood we were advertising, here it is. Meet David and Bernardo and support Equality for Washington, DC!

Dec 11 @ 9:01AM • Twitter

@Dmorrison1979 @slpng_giants Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are fixing this situation now.