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May 22 @ 1:52PM • Twitter

Our Barbara Helmick joining
for their DC Legislative Action Day at the Wilson Building. Way to go Barbara! #DCStatehood

May 22 @ 1:39PM • Twitter

One more example of how DC's lack of Statehood impacts residents. DC Students have just one Congressional path to the Academies - @EleanorNorton. @SenatorTester, support #DCStatehood

May 22 @ 11:59AM • Twitter

@SenatorShaheen Every year the Congress has prevented women in DC from having access to safe, legal abortion services. Local funds going to local programs are blocked by 535 individuals who do not represent the District. If you are going to support women, include DC. #DCStatehood

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 • Blog
May 21 @ 8:45PM • Twitter
May 21 @ 4:39PM • Twitter

Celebrating #Petworth for #202uesday! Share your DC community with us so we can celebrate you next week! #DCStatehood

May 21 @ 3:26PM • Twitter

How about the women of DC? Do they deserve full and equal representation? #DCStatehood #S631

May 21 @ 3:24PM • Twitter

~350,000 women in DC have the right to vote, but have no one to introduce resolutions, or vote on nominations, or really have any representation. It's a pretty hollow right when so many are denied equality. #DCStatehood #S631

May 21 @ 2:56PM • Twitter

Yes! @DC_Vote's Barbara Helmick tells @thinkprogress "D.C. statehood is inherently a national issue, Helmick said. "We all suffer when our democracy is not allowed to function in the way that it's supposed to." Read it all here:

May 21 @ 1:52PM • Twitter

You are right, the hard-fought battle for representation continues....through your office...since you won't support the right of our woman, @EleanorNorton to have a vote on the @HouseFloor through #DCStatehood.