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Jul 14 @ 1:42PM • Twitter

Any conversation about #RFKStadium should start and end with the District deciding what to do with the land. The federal lease is just another example of interference and overreach.

Jul 14 @ 11:21AM • Twitter

RT @BailiwickCrewDC: Freshen up your mask game 😷

Our new black DC51 masks are live on our site! Thanks for your patience!

Available in a…

Jul 11 @ 11:23AM • Twitter

Fishing out the truth behind 10 arguments against D.C. statehood. @Iowans4DCState! via @iowacapdispatch

Jul 10 @ 2:40PM • Twitter

There are 116,771 small businesses in DC which employ 400,376 "real people" but are represented by zero Senators.

The 118,315 small businesses of Montana employ 244,668 but are represented by 2 Senators. #DCStatehood

Jul 10 @ 1:54PM • Twitter

In 1890, 66,000 people lived in WY. Today, still fewer there than in DC. Granted, @TomCottonAR will like the nice, neat shape of WY more, but #DCStatehood's time has come.

Jul 9 @ 10:30PM • Twitter

Trump's favorite pollster was the least accurate in the midterms

Jul 9 @ 4:19PM • Twitter

#DCStatehood is a democracy issue. @DFADCoalition has a great site to get creative and push for needed democracy reforms.

Jul 9 @ 7:56AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: Yet again, @RepAndyHarrisMD has attacked DC's right to home rule. Yet again - and always - I will defend DC residents' r…

Jul 8 @ 2:53PM • Twitter

ICYMI @Mapbox is matching every donation made in July to support #DCStatehood. Donate now!

Jul 7 @ 7:51PM • Twitter

@PolitcalCapitaI Trick question, right? #DCStatehood