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Sep 30 @ 2:39PM • Twitter

We all deserve a discourse above petty name-calling. #DCStatehood

Sep 30 @ 12:31AM • Twitter

1. @KYGOP needs to stop stealing our concepts. Stealing our rights for 200 years is plenty.
2. Campaigning against an issue favored 2 to 1 by voters like #DCStatehood isn't usually a good tactic.

Sep 29 @ 11:42PM • Twitter

We had a tweet all ready to go about how Chris Wallace didn't ask about #DCStatehood. But, yeah.

Sep 29 @ 2:52PM • Twitter

Think there's a 51% chance of a #DCStatehood question in one of the debates? These things can be taxing, but might be a good representation of the candidates.

Sep 27 @ 8:48PM • Twitter

TFW you DO pay taxes and still have no representation. #DCStatehood

Sep 27 @ 2:20PM • Twitter

59% of Americans favor #DCStatrhood

Sep 25 @ 7:44PM • Twitter

@Dorothy410berry In that case, let's do a long back and forth about #DCStatehood tonight to get your shift time up ;)

Sep 24 @ 12:06PM • Twitter

The #Debates2020 are coming. #ChrisWallace, we want to hear what the presidential candidates will do to ensure #Equality4DC through #DCStatehood! We must ensure all Americans have their voices heard in our democracy! #AskAboutDemocracy

Sep 24 @ 11:36AM • Twitter
Sep 23 @ 4:07PM • Twitter