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Aug 13 @ 5:10PM • Twitter
Aug 12 @ 12:11PM • Twitter

Proud to work with @51for51 and @51stDC to tell the stories of DC. #DCStatehood

Aug 12 @ 12:09PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: The House passed our #DCStatehood bill on June 26. The Senate has not yet acted. Our 705,000+ federal taxpaying resident…

Aug 11 @ 2:29PM • Twitter

When @SenMcSallyAZ's seat was created in the U.S. Senate, Arizona had 200,000 people. It's important that the people of AZ have elected representation, just as it's important that the 700,000 people of DC do as well. #DCStatehood

Aug 11 @ 2:05PM • Twitter

In which #DCStatehood becomes the basis for....A New York Times Book Review? A late summer reading recommendation if you've not read these works already.

Aug 11 @ 8:29AM • Twitter

Also, thanks to Delaware. First it is where the #DCStatehood Senate Bill author @SenatorCarper hails from. Second, this prevents another innane @SenTomCotton objection.

Aug 11 @ 8:22AM • Twitter

We'd be happy to make it 2 states....

Aug 9 @ 8:41PM • Twitter

.@POTUS Executive "Order" on unemployment requires 25% contribution from States. This time, DC is included as a State. In CARES Act though, DC was not, and was shorted $755M in relief that would now be needed for extended UI. Heartless. #dcstatehood

Aug 7 @ 7:18AM • Twitter

.@RepAndyHarrisMD loves sticking his nose in the local affairs of people he doesn't represent. Just ask the 705k people of DC. #DCStatehood

Aug 6 @ 6:07PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: The #VotingRightsAct, signed into law 55 years ago, affords Americans the opportunity to participate in our political pr…