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Mar 4 @ 1:49PM • Twitter

It is utterly revolting that after shorting DC residents $775M in needed COVID aid in the CARES act that anyone would throw up more delays and obstructions. It's even worse that we have zero voice in the chamber. #DCStatehood

Mar 4 @ 12:33PM • Twitter

#HR1 isa huge step forward for democracy. #HR51 must come next. It's time for #DCStatehood

Mar 4 @ 11:23AM • Twitter

All of DC right now as @SenMikeLee introduces yet another bill to overturn the will of our local elected offiicals. That's one every 20 days. DC knows how to take care of DC kids. We don't need your help. Maybe you could focus on UT?#DCStatehood

Mar 4 @ 8:28AM • Twitter

@amyklobuchar One follow up question Senator @amyklobuchar. Why is it @DeptofDefense under orders by the former POTUS and not @MayorBowser that deploys the DC National Guard? Could it be....#DCStatehood ?

Mar 3 @ 11:12PM • Twitter

For the 3rd time in less than 2 years the House has voted to support #DCStatehood. Passage of #HR1 MUST be followed by #HR51 and Senate Action. Democracy for All means All!

Mar 3 @ 6:18PM • Twitter

H.R.1 is the first step toward #DCStatehood. Join in!

Mar 3 @ 10:51AM • Twitter

March 11th - 8:30am - 9:30am - Show Up 4 DC and for #DCStatehood. Events all around the District. More here:

Mar 2 @ 10:43PM • Twitter

Hey @BailiwickCrewDC - how about this on a t-shirt? #DCStatehood

Mar 2 @ 5:09PM • Twitter

Self-determination is a fundamental right of all Americans. @SenMikeLee should worry about UT and keep his #HandsOffDC.

Mar 2 @ 4:01PM • Twitter

Also, @SenMikeLee seems to be blithely unaware of the states where minors are allowed informed consent. (Including Utah in some cases.) #HandsOffDC