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Oct 16 @ 5:40PM • Twitter

"What's the average amount in taxation? We all know representation is zero." #DCStatehood

Oct 15 @ 4:54PM • Twitter
Oct 15 @ 1:54PM • Twitter

Opponents Are Worried About #DCStatehood - Washington City Paper

Oct 15 @ 7:23AM • Twitter

Headed to talk to our Senators about the confirmation. HAHA! Just kidding! Head to SCOTUS this AM and make your voice heard the only way we can. #DCStatehood.

Oct 13 @ 5:50PM • Twitter

Voting while wearing a #DCStatehood mask? We see you.

Oct 13 @ 5:23PM • Twitter

We don't have Senators, not quite yet. (#DCStatehood) But we can join those who are gathering at the Supreme Court at 8:00 AM the next two days. We love the theme: "Let the People Decide"

Oct 12 @ 10:07AM • Twitter

Not a single one of the 706k Americans who live in DC will have any voice in these proceedings. No one. #DCStatehood

"SCOTUS hearings: Amy Coney Barrett faces Senate panel on Day 1 of confirmation hearings" #SCOTUSHearing

Oct 11 @ 2:15PM • Twitter

How it started.... How it's going....

Oct 10 @ 10:57AM • Twitter

@the_amt Check with @Vote4DC. We don't do ballots. Sorry! #DCStatehood

Oct 8 @ 12:41PM • Twitter

Seems like opponents of #DCStatehood are getting worried.