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Jan 18 @ 11:14AM • Twitter

Our own Barbara Helmick joining the #WomansMarch2020. Let's go #DCStatehood!

Jan 16 @ 2:59PM • Twitter

100 Senators + 1 Impeachment Trial = 700,000+ residents without a vote. Miscalculation? We think so too. #DCStatehoodNow

Jan 16 @ 2:58PM • Twitter

Can we be honest for a moment? It really sucks watching 100 Senators sign into a book as jurors of the impeachment trial and we are not represented. This has got to end. #TruthfulThursday #StatehoodNow

Jan 16 @ 2:57PM • Twitter

Another historical moment passes without the residents of DC having representation. Impeachment without our voice or vote is NOT a democracy. #StatehoodNow

Jan 13 @ 2:36PM • Twitter

27 years ago today the @WashPost ran an editorial, first sentence "It's time to right a great historic wrong." We couldn't agree more. Read the full piece here:

Jan 13 @ 12:05PM • Twitter

Our awesome volunteer recruiting Statehood supporters at Metro DC DSA's Winter Campaign Fair. Plans in the works to organize a DSA DC Statehood working group. Great job, Emily! @mdc_dsa #DCStatehood @dalgoemily

Jan 9 @ 8:07PM • Twitter

Did you know the @uscensusbureau counts incarcerated persons where they are incarcerated? Because of our lack of Statehood, we have no control of where our incarcerated residents are. Other states are gaining advantage from the lack of #DCStatehood.

Jan 9 @ 7:25PM • Twitter

Frustrating that @MikeBloomberg rep at @DCDemocrats meeting can't say if he supports #DCStatehood. Says there will be an announcement soon....stay tuned.

Only Dem candidate with an unknown position.

Jan 8 @ 3:08PM • Twitter