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May 29 @ 1:40PM • Twitter

We're back with a new "Statehood Matters" At-Home Edition episode. Today we're talking with @RepCicilline about #DCStatehood, @EleanorNorton, the #HEROESAct and small states.

May 25 @ 11:38AM • Twitter

On this #MemorialDay, we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defending our democracy while also being excluded from full participation in our democracy. #DCStatehood honors all who believe in representation.

May 22 @ 12:32PM • Twitter

Just curious @SenJohnHoeven - Washingtonians have fought and died for our nation, more than 200,000 total and thousands who gave their lives to secure freedoms for all Americans. Are they not worthy of full representation through #DCStatehood?

May 21 @ 9:04AM • Twitter

Another way that lack of #DCStatehood puts Washingtonians at risk.

May 20 @ 6:06PM • Twitter

On this #DCNativesDay, let's remember where it started. #DCStatehood would honor the generations of families who have defined DC and all of the unique parts of the District.

May 20 @ 3:34PM • Twitter

As if being cheated out of $750M isn't enough, #DCStatehood matters to DC Businesses. Senators from DC would advocate with agency officials for what is best for Washingtonians.

May 20 @ 2:16PM • Twitter

Our #StatehoodMatters podcast looks a little different! Check out our conversation with @PiperPerabo as we talk #DCStatehood, activism, @clairecmc's cake (also a #DCStatehood supporter), @PattiLuPone's basement and a #51star flag!

May 19 @ 9:38AM • Twitter

Why does @SenJackReed not support #DCStatehood, and now appear to not support emergency aid for the District of Columbia?

May 18 @ 8:19AM • Twitter

How do you know #DCStatehood is on the move?

May 13 @ 11:48PM • Twitter

With an open FBI investigation of @SenatorBurr we're sure that @Jim_Jordan will call for NC to be de-certified as a state.