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Feb 16 @ 9:36AM • Twitter

@chicagotribune @MarySchmich That thing where a major American Newspaper erases the Nation's Capital and several other territories to make a point about erasure.....

Feb 14 @ 11:53AM • Twitter

Hey @GOPoversight, you might want to check what @TheJusticeDept argued in Federal Court on Nov 26. #DCStatehood does not require a Constitutional Amendment.

Feb 14 @ 11:48AM • Twitter

Shameful exploitation by the Congressman from Georgia. Equal Footing Doctrine makes it clear that strings can not be attached to admission as a State. @CongressmanHice your paternalistic approach to the 700k residents of DC is demeaning. #DCStatehood

Feb 14 @ 9:52AM • Twitter

We're happy that @LWV and @LWVDC are our Valentines! Happy 100th Anniversary to an organization that has been pushing for #DCStatehood since the beginning! You don't look a day over 51!

Feb 13 @ 12:00PM • Twitter

Now is the time to "Keep It Going!" Help DC Vote educate America from coast to coast by becoming a sustaining donor. #DCStatehood

Feb 13 @ 11:57AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: Thank you to the District residents who packed the halls of Congress yesterday. It was thrilling to preside for part of…

Feb 12 @ 3:02PM • Twitter

@CongressmanJVD Just keep in mind, you might have to change your beliefs every other week. #HR51 #DCStatehood

Feb 12 @ 12:04PM • Twitter

Sharing some of the press from yesterday's historic win. That's Noam in the hat! One of our awesome volunteers!

Feb 12 @ 11:35AM • Twitter

"It's a historic day and we're excited to clear this hurdle and head to the floor. [This is] monumental for the people of DC." ~ DC Vote's ED Bo Shuff. #DCstatehood #ShowUp4DC

Feb 12 @ 11:07AM • Twitter

RT @FreeDCnow: Kudos to Bradley Truding and Trent Holbrook in Del. ⁦@EleanorNorton⁩'s office! They're the #UnsungHeroes of the passage of #…