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RT @SenatorCarper: For years, I have fought alongside @EleanorNorton and @MayorBowser to make #DCStatehood a reality and to give the over 7…

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RT @DC_Vote: The #DCStatehood Bill was introduced in the Senate with 39 co-sponsors! Take action and show your support!…

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One question for Senator @SteveDaines. On July 1 you implied that people like Officer Goodman's family, who grew up in DC, were not "real people." If he still lived in DC would he deserve representation to go along with that Medal? #DCStatehood

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RT @cmdgrosso: #LetMomVote #DCStateHood @DC_Vote
Will the United States Congress let my mom vote?

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@jddelaney @ReverendWarnock Congrats! 712k of us here in DC have one question though....


Jan 22 @ 8:19PM • Twitter

DC Born Eugene Goodman grew up without representation. Now the Congress he was excluded from will present him with its highest honor. #DCStatehood

Jan 22 @ 7:35PM • Twitter

@DogDaze20 Psssttt. This is one reason why #DCStatehood matters. But sure "back of the bus" for us. Got it.