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Nov 23 @ 5:04PM • Twitter

RT @councilofdc: We long for the day when the District no longer has to sit at the kids' table when the states sit down to Thanksgiving din…

Nov 23 @ 10:03AM • Twitter

Today we're celebrating what we like to call a "DC Thanksgiving"- people at a table miles and miles away pretend we all have an equal say in what gets served, then they just decide for us anyway. Happy Holidays!

Nov 21 @ 4:45PM • Twitter
Nov 20 @ 11:30AM • Twitter

Reminder that we will be at a forum at @udc_edu discussing #DCStatehood later today! Come join us to hear about the status of the movement!

Nov 20 @ 11:28AM • Twitter

RT @SelfRuleAmerica: Welcome to DC @CurtisUT - we sincerely hope you'll be a very different congressman than Jason Chaffetz #HandsOffDC htt…

Nov 18 @ 2:55PM • Twitter

RT @councilofdc: Our hearts go out to Jesse Jackson @RevJJackson as he begins his battle with Parkinson's disease. Just as you always tell…

Nov 16 @ 4:26PM • Twitter

Come join us for a forum discussing #DCStatehood on Monday! We will go over our progress so far and our plans for the future. See you there!