March On for Washington and Voting Rights Stands Up for DC Statehood

August 28, 2021

Patrice Snow
[email protected]

Will Soltero
[email protected]

WASHINGTON Today, the March On for Washington and Voting Rights is taking place in cities across America. DC Vote’s Communications Director Patrice Snow released the following statement:

“On August 28, 1963 over 250,000 Americans traveled in buses, planes, and cars to the National Mall in Washington, DC. Dressed in their ‘Sunday finest,’ they were determined that America stop defaulting on its promissory note of the freedom to vote to some of its citizens by marching to the steps of the memorial honoring President Abraham Lincoln, one of the presidents who eliminated barriers to freedom and voting. Today, on the anniversary of that original March on Washington, the proverbial children and grandchildren of the original marchers take to the streets once again in the name of voting rights. Not only do we applaud the March On for Washington and Voting Rights in asking Congress to finally cash the check of full democracy for all Americans—we join them.”

Snow continued, “A country where citizens are taxed without a say in their government is not a healthy democracy. As today’s march will remind all of us, whether in our nation’s capital or anywhere across the United States, DC Statehood is key to advancing the freedom to vote for everyone. We are proud to stand with March On, 51 for 51 and our partners in calling on Congress to act.”

“All those years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King stood at the Lincoln Memorial and called for not only civil rights, voting rights, and racial equality, but the need for jobs for everyone that paid a decent wage. All these goals can be reached with Statehood for DC and it’s in this spirit that we will continue to fight for the rights and representation—for DC residents and for all Americans,” Snow finished.