DC Vote Statement on House Vote of Third Disapproval Resolution on the People of DC

April 19th, 2023

Patrice Snow
[email protected]

Washington, DC – The House of Representatives just voted to approve H.J. Res. 42, the disapproval resolution overturning the local George Floyd police accountability legislation lawfully passed by DC Council. In light of today’s harmful development to DC’s autonomy and home rule rights, DC Vote’s communications director Patrice Snow released the following statement:

“The 700,000 tax paying residents of Washington, DC, the majority of whom are Black and Brown, are sick and tired of Congress substituting their own political agenda for laws passed by the duly elected DC Council. The will of DC residents should always be respected and that did not happen today. This is the third time the will of the people of DC was discarded by politicians who don’t live here who serve in a House where we have no vote. However, we are grateful President Biden has vowed to veto this disastrous piece of legislation because DC and the nurses, teachers, students, and lawyers who call her home should have the freedom to govern ourselves and determine our own destiny.”