DC Vote Responds to President Biden’s Speech By Calling on Senate to Pass DC Statehood Bill

September 2nd, 2022

Patrice Snow
[email protected]

Washington, DC – Last night in Philadelphia, President Joe Biden delivered a speech addressing the ongoing threats to our democracy. On the heels of the president’s remarks, DC Vote’s communications director Patrice Snow released the following statement:

“President Biden held nothing back during his speech on democracy and the battle for the ‘soul of the nation’ last night in Philadelphia. During the 21-minute speech Biden stated, ‘Look, our democracy is imperfect. It always has been. We have never fully realized the aspirations of our founding, but every generation has opened those doors a little wider to include more people who have been excluded before.’ We at DC Vote couldn’t agree with President Biden more and, inspired by his words and remembering Philadelphia is the exact location where the ‘DC deal’ happened, call again on the United States Senate to pass the Washington, DC Admission Act as soon as they come back to town after their August work period.”

Snow finished, “According to recent polling, a plurality of registered voters consider the erosion of democracy and democratic ideals as their number one voting issue heading into the 2022 midterm election season. That erosion starts in the District of Columbia. 700,000 residents of the District do not have full voting rights and this lack of representation is one way our political system disenfranchises people, particularly those of color. In order for America to meet its ideal and realize the vision of our founding fathers, our democracy must include everyone. Passing the Washington, DC Admission Act should happen immediately after the Senate comes back to town so that it can go to President Biden’s desk for his signature. The time for DC Statehood has come.”