DC Vote Ramping Up Fight For Democracy and Voting Rights With New Communications Director Patrice Snow

The South Carolina native and current Maryland resident is a veteran of Tom Steyer’s 2020 campaign and Deval Patrick’s TogetherFund PAC.

August 19, 2021

Will Soltero
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Patrice N. Snow
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WASHINGTON — Today, leading statehood organization DC Vote announced the hire of Patrice Snow as the group’s Director of Communications. Snow joins DC Vote as the former Communications Director and National Press Secretary for TogetherFund, a PAC dedicated to economic justice and progressive candidates and founded by former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Snow was previously National Press Secretary for Tom Steyer’s presidential campaign in 2020.

To announce this hire, DC Vote Executive Director Bo Shuff released the following statement:

“Patrice is an outstanding communicator with proven national experience in meeting the great social, economic and political challenges of our time. At this watershed moment for not only DC statehood but voting rights, I can think of no one more capable of meeting it.”

“Patrice will lead a robust and expansive communications campaign both within the District and around the country—all in pursuit of statehood for the people of Washington, DC. By amplifying the stories of 700,000 Washingtonians who live and breathe ‘taxation without representation,’ by informing our fellow Americans of the unjust application of democracy and voter suppression in their nation’s capital, and by engaging political leaders in DC and across the country, I’m confident Patrice will be the champion for DC statehood our movement needs—and deserves.”

“Patrice knows what it takes to lead a strong, national campaign that puts justice, equity, and democracy first. I’m truly excited to welcome Patrice to our team and our movement, and invigorated to know our work toward statehood is stronger because of it.”

Following her hire, Director of Communications Patrice Snow released the following statement:

“Over 700,000 of our fellow Americans living in the nation’s capital do not have a vote. These people are nurses, teachers, bus drivers, veterans, doctors, lawyers, mothers, fathers, social workers, and students. It is time they have a say in the direction of the country and implementing statehood would give them just that.”

“One of the reasons I moved to Montgomery County from Washington, DC is because my vote matters in Maryland, thus influencing politics not just locally but on a national level. On election day, I can choose to cast a ballot for my congressional representatives and a governor who all have the power to make and implement public policies that benefit me and determine the future of the country. Residents of Washington, DC deserve this same right.”

“Communicating both policy and politics at the intersection of race, gender, and equity to where even the most apolitical or apathetic person can understand is my passion. I am beyond grateful for Bo’s belief in me to lead the communications team for DC Vote. Washington, DC is closer to statehood than ever before, and support from President Biden, the House of Representatives, and 46 U.S. Senators prove it. Let’s get to work.”