DC Vote Praises House Oversight Committee for Funding DC Equally to the States in The American Rescue Plan Bill

February 10, 2021

Will Soltero
[email protected]

WASHINGTON — Today, leading Statehood organization in DC, DC Vote, released the following statement regarding the House Oversight Committee’s decision to allocate COVID relief money for DC at the same level as states—and not as a territory—in the American Rescue Plan Bill:

As the home to more than 700,000 Americans, we are pleased to see the House Oversight Committee recognize the needs of our communities by expanding COVID relief and allocating much-needed funding that was denied to us in the CARES Act. 

After the passing of the CARES Act last spring, the District was intentionally shorted $755 million in federal funding due to our lack of statehood. As a result, our residents, small businesses, public services and more were denied the same help our fellow Americans received. 

Once the American Rescue Plan is enacted, DC can expect to receive nearly $1.5 billion in federal assistance, plus an additional $755 million to fill the hole left by the CARES Act. 

Treating the District as a state and expanding COVID relief funding will have a significant and positive effect on our residents, economy and public services. We sincerely thank the House Oversight Committee for correcting this injustice which will help our communities weather this pandemic.”