DC Vote Marks One Year Anniversary of Passage of Statehood Bill By Calling On President Biden to Back DC’s Marijuana Legalization

April 21st, 2022

Patrice Snow
[email protected]

Washington, DC – One year ago, the House of Representatives passed the Washington, DC Admission Act making DC the nation’s 51st state. Even though the bill was backed by President Joe Biden, it continues to face long odds in the United States Senate.

Despite his Statehood support, the president has now become the biggest impediment to DC’s freedom to govern ourselves by proposing and supporting a budget that continues to prevent the District from legalizing recreational adult-use cannabis. The anti-democratic rider from Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, which overrules the people of DC and maintains the ban on legalizing marijuana in the District, hasn’t even been introduced by the congressman since 2019. Why would President Biden voluntarily include the Harris rider in the budget? 

Due to President Biden’s betrayal of his stated self-determination goals for the District, DC Vote Communications Director Patrice Snow released the following statement:  

“President Biden’s support for the radical Rep. Andy Harris rider in this year’s budget and next year’s budget proposal flies in the face of administration policy issued a year ago and tramples on the freedom of the people of Washington to govern ourselves. Washingtonians, like 44 states have done, should have the freedom to determine how we use local funds and the laws under which we live, including those related to marijuana.” Snow said.

Snow continued, “Because of the current composition of the federal government, we had the best chance this year to enact a budget that would respect DC resident’s freedom to govern ourselves. Yet President Biden, who one year ago issued historic support for Statehood, is literally now the biggest obstacle to set-up a safe and legal regulatory framework for marijuana use in the District. Members of Congress have spent more than 200 years using oppression of the people of DC to score cheap political points at home, but we never expected President Biden to support that interference. Mr. President, it’s time to listen to your neighbors and allow us to decide our own marijuana policy in Washington, DC.”

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