DC Vote Blasts ACE Act and Stand-Alone Attacks on DC’s Election Process

July 10th, 2023

Patrice Snow
[email protected]

Washington, DC – This week, overly aggressive members of Congress will be introducing the American Confidence in Elections Act which, despite its name, does nothing for everyday Americans OR increase confidence in elections. The ACE Act would be a massive federal overstep into the governance of Washington, DC – a jurisdiction with tax paying residents who are majority people of color. 

DC Vote, the nation’s leading advocacy and education organization working for DC Statehood released the following statement:

“The democratic processes in DC work. More than 700,000 residents are represented by a Mayor, Council, School Board and other local officials chosen by the people. In election after election within the District the people have cast their votes, had them counted and elected a government. The failures of our elections lie first in Congress interfering in the outcome and second in Congress denying us our right to choose Senators and a voting Representative.” 

Patrice Snow, DC Vote’s communications director finished, “As if it’s not bad enough with the budget riders that would dictate how the District governs ourselves, we will also see an unprecedented attempt to control our elections. How does this power grab help anyone living in the 435 congressional districts around the country? DC must be granted Statehood to ensure that its residents have the right to self-governance and expand and strengthen democracy. It is unjust that Congress, with no voting representation from DC, can override the will of the people and their elected representatives.”