Congress Should Stay Out of DC’s Local Affairs and Oppose The Latest Attack on DC’s Sovereignty

February 2nd, 2023

Patrice Snow
[email protected]

Washington, DC – House Majority Leader Steve Scalise just announced a vote next week on two disapproval resolutions for legislation that was lawfully passed by the Council of the District of Columbia – one for the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2021 and the other for the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act. In light of these latest developments, DC Vote’s Patrice Snow released the following statement:

“This is an anti-democratic attack on Washington, DC. Full stop. The Revised Criminal Code Act of 2021 and the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act were passed lawfully by the DC Council and now Congress wants to unjustly undermine critical local decisions made by the people of the District of Columbia and their elected leadership. These laws were enacted to address important local concerns, most notably criminal justice reform, democracy and equal treatment under the law and efforts by members of Congress not from DC to usurp power yet again prove why DC Statehood is so important.”

Snow continued,“The House should focus on the things that matter to all of America – like maintaining the full faith and credit of the United States. Congress doesn’t impose their views on any other jurisdiction in America like this and tax paying Americans who happen to live in DC have no vote to cast against this egregious and increasingly relentless attack on their local democracy. We urge Speaker McCarthy, House Majority Leader Scalise, and the House to respect DC and stand back on forcing their views upon DC residents.”