Today, DC Vote, along with 52 local and national organizations, urged House and Senate appropriators to refrain from using DC’s appropriations bill to advance their personal policy agenda through the use of “riders” targeting only the District of Columbia. A second letter from five major national advocacy organizations opposing intrusions upon DC home rule was also delivered.
Representative Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) is planning to trample on the local authority of the District of Columbia by pushing a bill to outlaw red light and speeding enforcement cameras only in DC. Bentivolio has been seeking cosponsors for a bill he has drafted, but not yet introduced that would prohibit the District of Columbia, and only the District of Columbia, from using these automated traffic enforcement systems.
Statement of DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry regarding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s cosponsorship of the DC statehood bill, S. 132, The New Columbia Admissions Act:
The addition of the Frederick Douglass statue to the U.S. Capitol collection is a great moment for the people of the District of Columbia. Douglass is not only a great leader of the struggle for equal rights for all people, but a great American. It is appropriate that his legacy, and the role of Americans who live in the District of Columbia, will be on display for the entire nation to see.
Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 and commemorates the adoption of America’s familiar stars and stripes. Here in the District, Flag Day feels a little different, because the District has no star on the Star Spangled Banner. The District also has a great, iconic flag, and on this Flag Day people fighting for voting rights and statehood for the District will gather to wave our flag and call for voting representation in Congress.
DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry issued the following statement in response to the filing of a Sense of the Congress resolution dealing with firearm regulation that applies only to the District of Columbia. Representative Phil Gingery's (R-GA) legislation, filed with the House Rules Committee as an amendment to the Defense Department authorization bill, expresses the sense of the Congress that active-duty military personnel should be exempt from DC's gun laws.
DC Vote called on members of the House and the Senate today to oppose any effort to undermine DC home rule through the congressional appropriations process. Year after year, the people of the District and their allies are forced to fight off efforts by Congress to impose policies upon DC that are addressed by locally-elected officials in every other jurisdiction in the country.
On Tuesday, May 28th, DC Vote, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Mayor Vincent Gray and a number of pro-democracy organizations will hold a press conference calling on Congress to respect the voices of DC residents, and refrain from using the DC appropriations bill as a vehicle to advance social policy “riders.”
Today marks another significant milestone in DC’s pursuit of local budget autonomy. The DC Board of Elections and Ethics has officially certified the results of the April 23rd Special Election. In the end, 82% of voters supported allowing DC to spend its own local tax dollars without having to wait for a congressional appropriation.
The introduction of a bill (S. 886) banning some abortions only in the District of Columbia by Senator Michael Lee (R-UT) shows an abandonment of his community first, small government viewpoint in order to advance his own personal political agenda. The bill, which bans all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy only in the District of Columbia, completely contradicts Senator Lee’s political philosophy.