Supporters of Equality

We're building power by enlisting national support for the cause.  As the recognized leader in the DC voting rights movement, we:

  •   Educate Americans and international audiences about the District’s lack of representation and autonomy.
  •   Encourage civic engagement and activate citizens and diverse constituencies to stand up and speak out.
  •   Push an advocacy agenda for critical legislation that advances equal rights for DC.
  •   Serve as a resource to elected officials, the media and the general public.

DC Vote is leading the pathway to equality by working to secure local budget control, eliminate congressional oversight of the District's local laws, and ultimately gain full democratic equality in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.  

Representation in Congress is a civil and human right.  The exclusion of nearly a million American citizens is simply un-American.

Our country can do better.

Join the movement for Equality today!