Monday, August 3, 2015
Media Source: 
Wall Street Journal
Sarene Leeds

There was a time when things couldn’t get more adorable than John Oliver singing about broken prison systems with a bunch of Muppet-like puppets.

That time has now passed, because on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver brought in the really big guns to help get his point across about limited voting rights in Washington, D.C.: a group of cherubic singing children.

After spending his main story explaining how residents of the District of Columbia pay federal taxes and fight in wars, “yet have no member of Congress who’s able to vote on their behalf,” Oliver presented a “new” version of a kiddie song about the states.

Joining an assembled group of children in front of a Capitol Building backdrop, Oliver asked the kids if they wanted “to sing a song about the 50 states and the inequities inherent of living in our nation’s capital,” and they answered with a resounding “yeah!”

Some sample lyrics:

“Alabama and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut and more/There are 50 states in total and we’ll sing their names with glee/But there’s one place that gets shafted and it’s Washington, D.C.”

“Let them have gun laws! Let them have weed! Let them decide the things that they need! And if you’re totally convinced that there should be just 50 states/Well then let’s all kick out Florida/’Cause no one thinks they’re great. Oh, yes, let’s all kick out Florida because no one thinks they’re great.”