Thursday, January 21, 2016
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 21, 2016  

Statement from DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry Concerning Senator Ted Cruz's Latest Anti-DC Legislation

The following is a statement from DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry concerning legislation that Senator Ted Cruz introduced yesterday mandating that the District of Columbia spend locally-raised tax dollars to fund private education for any DC student.

"The unfunded mandate Senator Cruz seeks to impose upon the District of Columbia runs directly counter to his own public positions on local control and contradicts his repeated calls to eliminate federal involvement in public education," said DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry. "It is hard to reconcile how Cruz can believe his attack on a local jurisdiction is in any way consistent with his so-called freedom agenda. We call on Senator Cruz to reclaim his state's rights values and withdraw this bill immediately" 


Cruz's position on education from his campaign website 

Cruz's position on Education from his Senate website