Tuesday, August 2, 1977
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Washington Post (DC)

From our latest
batch of summer mail was learn that once again it's time for those seemingly
perennial rites on Capitol Hill in which various people ponder the question of
voting representation in Congress for the District of Columbia. The 1977
hearings are scheduled to begin in the House on Wednesday. As long-timers here
know, this event has been going on for generations; it's just that Contress has
not gotten around to approving a proposed constitutional amendment.

Still, thanks to the efforts of D.C. Delegate Walter E. Fauntroy, Sen. Edward
M. Kennedy and other congressional friends of this town, the proposal has been
gaining important support in the last few years. And ever since Jimmy Carter moved
here, there have been hints that he might help move things along by coming out
in favor of full representation. But so far, the President hasn't taken a
formal position. If he is now ready to speak up forcefully for full
representation - and we hope he will do just that - the umpteenth opening of
hearings this week just might turn out to be the last.