Our mission here at DC Vote is fueled by the residents of this great city. Whether we are seeking to change people's hearts and minds about the democratic injustice we live under, or fighting off lawmakers that take advantage of the antiquated constitutional oversight by meddling in our affairs, the truth is... we are powerful when we reach common ground, band together, and lift our voices collectively.

DC Vote has been proud to gain citizen's trust and support in leading advocacy efforts. But, if we are going to get to the next level in this movement, we must strengthen our local democracy and make it more equitable by soliciting the participation of every resident, lifting every voice possible. With that goal in mind, we take great pride in our civic engagement work. Here are a few featured programs:


We partner with Base Builder on a door-to-door canvass in every ward of Washington, DC to raise awareness and funds for equality for DC. This outreach effort gives us a unique and timely opportunity to hear residents' dismay with congressional oversight and desire for full equality for the residents that live here. These front porch conversations prompt many people to re-commit their time and resources to the mission of DC Vote. Learn more about our neighborhood canvass here.


One of our biggest challenges is talking with people across the country about life here in Washington, DC and what it means to be un-represented. Our Distrcit 435 program matches DC resident volunteers with one of the 435 Congressional Districts.  If you have friends or family who live anywhere else in the United States, this is an easy way to help! We'll match you to a District where you already know people. Then, as a volunteer District Captain you will reach out to the people you know and help them educate people in that Congressional District about Statehood and Autonomy for DC.  

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for District 435, reach out to Barbara Helmick at bhelmick@dcvote.org or 202-462-6000 ext. 121.


We partner with Rock the Vote and the DC Board of Elections to both educate and register potential voters across the country. Learn more about our voter programs here.


We partnered with DC Public Schools to develop lesson plans that teachers from across the country can use as part of their Social Studies Currriculum. To use these plans in your classroom or to share them with a teacher you know, click here.