DC Brau logoDC Vote’s inaugural 3 Star Ball is only one week away and one of our most treasured local companies will be a big part of the festivities.  

by Amanda Palmer

In 8th grade I had to memorize all of the articles of the Constitution. I did not have to recite it word for word, but I had to know the basics of each article.

The assignment taught me two things: 1) I hate rote memorization and 2) I would never be a political science major.  

Over the past 10 years, the number of young District of Columbia residents has increased to make up almost a third of the population. I, like many young professionals, moved to the District after graduating from college because I read that DC had one of the stronger job markets. What I didn’t realize when I moved here was that I would have to give up my voting representation in federal elections. The District’s young professionals may be passionate about politics, but the 200 year old injustice we live under is mostly ignored.
That’s why DC Vote is reaching out to young professionals to join the cause.

budget fistToday, the DC Council filed a lawsuit against the Mayor and CFO to ensure that our local budget law is followed. We commend Chairman Phil Mendelson for taking this forceful step to protect our budget autonomy law.

In case you didn’t know, today is DC Emancipation Day. On its face, the little-known District of Columbia holiday is meant to commemorate President Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves living in the District of Columbia as a prelude to the Emancipation Proclamation.  But District of Columbia voting rights and statehood supporters have since taken the holiday as an opportunity to remind Americans in the fifty states that DC residents will never truly be free until we’re granted the same basic democratic rights as they enjoy.

Again, the DC Council has failed to take action on a bill that would get the Attorney General election back on track and respect the will of the 75 percent of DC voters who in 2010 supported a ballot measure to create an elected office. 

by Michael Bolton

There is a general apathy towards local elections. For a lot of people, the local races don’t have nearly the sizzle of national elections, even though the impact of the results may be more direct.  

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DC Vote strongly supports President Obama’s proposed FY2015 budget that for the first time includes legislative language that would grant the District of Columbia greater control over its own local tax dollars, and allow legislation enacted by the city to become effective without Congressional review.