Again, the DC Council has failed to take action on a bill that would get the Attorney General election back on track and respect the will of the 75 percent of DC voters who in 2010 supported a ballot measure to create an elected office. 

by Michael Bolton

There is a general apathy towards local elections. For a lot of people, the local races don’t have nearly the sizzle of national elections, even though the impact of the results may be more direct.  

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DC Vote strongly supports President Obama’s proposed FY2015 budget that for the first time includes legislative language that would grant the District of Columbia greater control over its own local tax dollars, and allow legislation enacted by the city to become effective without Congressional review.

On Friday, February 21st, The College of William & Mary Election Law Program, sponsored by DC Vote, convened leading election law practitioners, scholars, and politicians in Washington, D.C. at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for a program titled "Rethinking D.C. Representation in Congress." 

Students with DC Vote is a student-run organization that aims to bring together young people and students who are interested in winning political equality for the people of DC.  The goal of Students with DC Vote is to be an essential component in securing full congressional voting representation for DC, full legislative autonomy, fiscal autonomy, and eventually statehood.

At midnight, January 1, 2014, the local budget autonomy law took effect. This is a huge milestone in our fight for self-determination that shows the power of the people still means something.

In April 2013, 83% of District voters supported a referendum separating our budget from the hands of a dysfunctional Congress, and with that vote increased DC self-determination.

I am extremely honored to serve as the new DC Vote Board Chair for 2014.

Together, we made 2013 a big year in our fight for DC self-determination. We passed a DC local budget autonomy law and the District refused to close up shop in the face of a federal shutdown. As board chair, I will work with you to build on that momentum as we press for full equality for DC.

It has been an exciting year for DC Vote, the District of Columbia and our movement. Allow me to share some of the exciting progress we have made together this year.

Thanks to your support and the dedication of DC leaders and residents, DC Vote was able to pass the DC budget autonomy referendum, which is now law, and open a new and exciting front in our fight for self-determination. Beginning January 2014, the new law will protect the District from future threats of a federal shutdown.