Two top contenders for the GOP presidential nomination have decided that winning accolades from narrow interest groups, while denying local democracy to 660,000 Americans living in DC is a fair trade. We can’t let them off so easy. 

Last week, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and James Lankford (R-OK) filed resolutions of disapproval in a wrongheaded attempt to overturn two locally-passed DC bills. These resolutions represent political hypocrisy at its highest level, coming from a Presidential hopeful who views himself as the leading defender against federal interference in local matters. 

The will of the DC voters regarding Initiative 71 is now law. Our elected leaders forged ahead despite threats by Congress that shine a light on an unjust system that now clearly lacks moral or political validity.

Earlier this week Alaska became the third state to legalize marijuana. The event passed with the expected buzz as the national conversation about marijuana continues to evolve. 

Thank you all for speaking out during 30 Days of Disapproval.  The digital campaign lasted 5 weeks and thousands of “disapproval resolutions” were filed by you and many other supporters. You may or may not be surprised to learn that Speaker John Boehner took the lead as “Most Disapproved Lawmaker.”

During the new digital challenge: 30 Days of Disapproval, Americans get the chance to "disapprove" of members of Congress from both major political parties who voted in favor of the 2015 spending bill including a provision to overturn a November 4th ballot initiative voted on by the people of the District of Columbia.

Frank Rich, Sr. never stopped fighting for full democratic rights for residents of the District of Columbia. Everyone involved in our struggle mourns the loss of a man who used his lofty intellect and vast life experience to stand up and demand our rights as Americans. 

It is with deep sadness we share with you that one of our city’s great champions of self-government passed away early on Friday, December 26th at his home in Northwest Washington.

I don't have to tell you that our advocacy work here at DC Vote is fueled by the residents of this great city. Whether we are seeking to change people's hearts and minds about the democratic injustice we live under, or fighting off lawmakers that take advantage of the antiquated constitutional oversight by meddling in our affairs, the truth is... we are powerful when we reach common ground, band together, and lift our voices collectively.

"Mayor for Life" Marion Barry, Jr. passed away at 1:46 AM this morning at United Medical Center in Southeast Washington.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the Barry family.

Mayor Barry was a fierce advocate for DC voting rights and statehood - a freedom fighter for the District of Columbia and all who live here. He gave a voice to the voiceless and empowered the powerless. His life and love for his people will never be forgotten.

In November, 64 percent of DC voters supported Initiative 71, an effort to legalize the possession and cultivation of marijuana in the District of Columbia.