Earlier today the House of Representatives elected Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) the next Speaker of the House.

While Ryan doesn’t have any history directly imposing his beliefs on the District like departed Speaker John Boehner did with his DC education voucher program, he does have something of a checkered history supporting our local democracy.

Ryan’s marks include:

And, it's especially worth noting, in 2007, he was also one of only 22 House Republicans to vote in favor of the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act in 2007 which would have given District of Columbia residents voting representation in the House of Representatives.

Ryan has promised that his Speakership will begin with “wiping the slate clean,” so we remain hopeful he will respect DC Home Rule and eventually help to advance democracy for the American citizens living right here in the nation's capital.

Benjamin Freundlich is a sophomore at American University and DC Vote's Fall Communications Intern.

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