Yesterday The Daily Signal - the "news" platform of the Heritage Foundation - ran a story titled "225 Years Ago Washington D.C. Was Founded: Here’s Why It Will Never Become the 51st State."

In case you weren't aware - despite claiming to herald limited government - the Heritage Foundation has long been an advocate for Congress' maintaining control over DC and our local laws. Especially when it suits their policy needs.

To wit: this year Heritage Action pressured Congress to overturn two local DC laws that would support LGBTQ rights and end workplace discrimination of women based on their healthcare choices. Luckily for DC residents neither of these laws were overturned, but at the Heritage Foundation's behest Congress still managed to insert language to block funding of our non-discrimination law into the Federal appropriations bill.

So, it comes as no surprise that an organization that takes pride in hypocrisy and bullying DC residents and claims to be "committed to truth and unmatched in knowledge" would publish a factually innaccurate rant against DC Statehood - starting with the fact that the District of Columbia wasn't "founded" on July 13, 1790

Here are my two favorite gems in the Signal piece:

"seven of the ten wealthiest counties in America surround Washington D.C."

How the wealth of people who don't live in the District of Columbia and actually have Congressional representation proves DC doesn't deserve Statehood is unclear to me. More from Signal:

"Furthermore, D.C. residents are represented by a second body, the Council of the District of Columbia.

With the passage of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act in 1973, Congress ceded a portion of its authority to govern local affairs to a city council.

The council is made up of 13 members and a mayor—each of which is an elected position."

If having a local government means you don't need statehood why are there even states? 

Obviously this is just the tip of the ice berg, so leave your take-downs of the Heritage Foundations absurd anti-DC rhetoric in the comments. Prizes for the best responses to this ignorant misleading tripe!

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I really like how the tone of this article is "If you want Congressional representation, don't live in the District." Such an utter disrespect for the struggle of the citizens of the city.

Also, Heritage points out that Congress cannot just change the district, but ignores the retrocession where Congress gave part of the district to another state, in this case back to Virginia. So congress apparently does have the power to change the size and shape of the "District of Columbia"

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