Last week, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and James Lankford (R-OK) filed resolutions of disapproval in a wrongheaded attempt to overturn two locally-passed DC bills. These resolutions represent political hypocrisy at its highest level, coming from a Presidential hopeful who views himself as the leading defender against federal interference in local matters. 

The irony is not lost on us that a month after wrapping up our 30 Days of Disapproval campaign we are staring at two disapproval resolutions. Likewise, Senators Cruz and Lankford should recognize the absurdity of preaching against unnecessary federal overreach while attempting to use the naked power of the federal government to block DC’s local laws.

The disapproval process is a vestigial remainder from a time when Congress believed that DC was incapable of properly managing itself. Still, Congress only used it three times – most recently in 1991 – to actually block a DC law. Now it has become a tool for political grandstanding where members of Congress can suck up to their campaign donors without having to face repercussions from actual voters. 

The residents of the District of Columbia are not just a hypothetical in a stump speech or a checkmark on a voter guide; we are American citizens who should not be made victim to a politician’s personal aspirations. Although we cannot hold Senators Cruz and Lankford accountable with our votes, we can still let them know we have a voice. 53 national organizations already joined together to urge Congress to reject these disapproval resolutions. Now you can be heard as well. Sign our petition or call Ted Cruz (202.224.5922) and James Lankford (202.224.5754). Tell them to put an end to the grandstanding and respect the principles of local control they claim to support!

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