DC Vote is thrilled to launch our newest ongoing project: #202sday! Every Tuesday, we will post a photo and caption submitted by DC residents in their neighborhoods to highlight the REAL DC- the DC that Congress doesn't seem to know exists, despite the 690,000 of us who call it home. And, we hope you will join in! 


ü  Let's highlight the areas in the District that people from outside of the DMV might not think of when they think "Washington, DC", the neighborhoods where we live, go to school, work, and play. Let's show them everything that makes Washington DC great - our favorite neighborhood spots and the people who love them.  

ü  We want to show people that there is more to DC than what they see on postcards and the Evening News.  

ü  We want to show that DC residents are real people with real lives and stories, and that we REALLY deserve fair and equal Representation in government.  

ü  Lastly, we want your help! We'd love to see your photos and hear your stories. Post your own pictures and stories with the #202sday hashtag every Tuesday! 


If you'd like to have your photo featured, please send an email to with the following: Photo(s) from around your neighborhood, your name, neighborhood, how long you’ve lived in DC, what you love about living here, and why you support DC Statehood! 


Please feel free to reach out with any/all questions as well. 




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