Heritage Foundation nonsenseNever a stickler for facts or honoring its own mission statement, the Heritage Foundation is back yet again urging Congress to abuse their authority and interfere with the District of Columbia's locally-passed laws.

In its newly released Blueprint for Balance – which ironically calls on Congress to “eliminate budget gimmicks” – the Heritage Foundation pleads with Congress to resort to its favorite gimmick and use the appropriations process to block DC from using local funds to enforce both the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (RHNDA) and the Human Rights Amendment Act (HRAA).

Since being enacted last year, both RHNDA and HRAA have been lighting rods for members of Congress attempting to gain national attention without fear of repercussion through disapproval resolutions and appropriations riders. Luckily, through the tenacity of supporters of DC Equality and our allies in Congress, these attempts all failed. Now the Heritage Foundation is back trying to yet again compromise basic human rights.

In their plea, The Heritage Foundation claims "Congress has a special responsibility to protect the freedom of the people of the District of Columbia." If Heritage really cared about freedom they would not be using their influence over federal legislators to try to block a local law. It's probably time for Heritage to re-evaluate and decide if they'd rather promote freedom or resemble a hate group championing Federal dominance over local jurisdictions.

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