Two top contenders for the GOP presidential nomination have decided that winning accolades from narrow interest groups, while denying local democracy to 660,000 Americans living in DC is a fair trade. We can’t let them off so easy. 

Last week, Senatos Ted Cruz (R-TX), along with Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) filed resolutions of disapproval in an attempt to overturn two locally-passed DC bills that would protect the LGBT community from discrimination and safeguard women from workplace discrimination based on the employees’ personal reproductive health care decisions. 

Next up, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)  jumped on the bandwagon by introducing legislation that would not only completely overturn DC’s locally passed gun laws, but also block the DC Council from passing future legislation, instead handing over full control of DC’s gun laws to Congress.

The hypocrisy of these actions is stunning. Politicians who continue to speak about the tyranny of the federal interference in local matters are more than willing to drop those beliefs to score a few political points.

The residents of the District of Columbia are not pawns in somebody’s political game; we are taxpaying American citizens with a locally elected  government and deserve the basic democratic rights and respect granted to all other citizens.

Although we cannot hold Senators Cruz, Lankford, Rubio or Rep. Jordan accountable with our votes, we can still let them know we have a voice. On Wednesday, April 1, tell these opportunists you are #NotaPoliticalPawn by sharing an image of yourself holding one of the signs below and share it on Facebook and Twitter. You can also contact the offices of Senators Rubio, Lankford and Cruz and Rep. Jordan and let them know you will not stand aside as they attack the rights of DC residents.

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Absolutely right! It's outrageous and two faced. We cannot stand for it.

The District of Columbia has 660,000 Americans living there. That's about the same amount of residents who live in the State of Vermont. Vermont has a congressional delegation of two United States Senators and Congressmen. The District should have equal representation and not be a political football by the likes of radical right-wing politicians.

Every other community in the US has the right to establish and enforce laws appropriate to their local situation and needs and DC residents should have that right too.

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