During the new digital challenge: 30 Days of Disapproval, Americans get the chance to "disapprove" of members of Congress from both major political parties who voted in favor of the 2015 spending bill including a provision to overturn a November 4th ballot initiative voted on by the people of the District of Columbia.

Some of those members have, in the past, voiced strong support for local control in the District of Columbia. Some were even cosponsors of DC statehood bills in the House or the Senate. We appreciate those expressions of support for our struggle. 

But any member of Congress who knowingly votes to overturn a legitimate local election that expresses the will of the people must be held accountable. 

The attempt to void democracy in the District of Columbia through the appropriations process is a serious attack on American democratic principles. For more than two centuries, the people of the District of Columbia have lived with the indignity of being treated as second-class citizens. We are not. Instead, we are proud Americans who fight and die in wars, pay federal income taxes, yet have no say in our national legislature – and this reality must come to an end. 

We need champions in the Congress who will stand up for us no matter the circumstance, regardless of party affiliation.  The principles of democracy should be valued at all times, not just when it’s convenient for the member. 

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