You've probably heard 20 of the 23 Presidential candidates have stated their support for #DCStatehood. This is great! But, it's not enough.

We need them to say that they will be strong and back the efforts to move our bills through Congress and the Senate. Our voices need to be loud and clear! That's why we participated in a press conference yesterday with Senator Jeff Merkley, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and eight like-minded organizations, announcing "51 for 51." 

All options to move the Statehood bill through the Senate should be on the table! It should take just 51 votes, as it has for all the states, to move the DC Admissions Act. 

Sign this petition today and tell the Presidential candidates it's imperative that they tell us how they are going to help us move Equality through the United States Senate. What is their plan to grant DC residents the Statehood and voting representation in Congress we deserve?

Do not let the antiquated rules of the Senate stand in the way of democracy!

Voting Rights

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