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Jul 23 @ 3:29PM • Twitter

@maustermuhle @wamu885 With allies for #DCstatehood like these, we're doomed.

Jul 23 @ 2:30PM • Twitter

@MBolton29 Mostly because we got a new email system and made an error in tagging your record. Our apologies. Should be remedied now.

Jul 23 @ 2:20PM • Twitter

With @RepAdamSchiff on HR1278 there are just 11 Dem MoC from CA not supporting #DCStatehood. Come on @RepGaramendi @RepBera @NancyPelosi @RepSwalwell @RepJimCosta @RepJimmyPanetta @RepCarbajal @BradSherman @RepPeteAguilar @Dr_RaulRuiz @RepLouCorrea you don't want to be last!

Jul 23 @ 2:09PM • Twitter

Live in DC and feel helpless with the "Call Your Senator" emails? We have a solution! Call your family! (or email, text, retweet, whatever.) Get them to tell the Senate to keep their #HandsOffDC

Jul 21 @ 9:31PM • Twitter

RT @51stDC: Thanks to @LULAC for passing a resolution today in support of #DCStatehood!

Jul 20 @ 12:52PM • Twitter

That makes 162!!! Thanks @RepAdamSchiff for your support!

Jul 20 @ 12:51PM • Twitter

Um, @USRepGaryPalmer literally no one asked you. DC Residents will take this up with the @councilofdc if we don't like it. Your constituents would really rather you represent them. Keep your meddling #HandsOffDC

Jul 20 @ 12:49PM • Twitter

@Orionsrevenge @CheesePo @USRepGaryPalmer Neither of these statements are factually accurate.

Jul 19 @ 3:10PM • Twitter

This is a good thread.

Jul 19 @ 1:35PM • Twitter

The hypocrisy of @RepAndyHarrisMD is simply unmatched. That the 662k people in MD-01 are afforded local decision-making and representation but the 700k in DC do not. Congress can't keep their #HandsOffDC. It's time for #DCStatehood