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Oct 24 @ 10:07AM • Twitter

140! Thanks to @RepRoybalAllard for becoming the latest supporter of #DCStatehood! Setting records with each new co-sponsor!

Oct 24 @ 9:53AM • Twitter

Let's change a couple of them to United States Senator and Representative, shall we? #DCStatehood

Oct 23 @ 4:36PM • Twitter

DC's history and culture are rich and vibrant. A unique place with deep roots. Our identity deserves Representation!

Oct 20 @ 4:24PM • Twitter

I'll take "my favorite license plate and least favorite voter disenfranchisement tactic" for $5100, Alex

Oct 20 @ 2:49PM • Twitter

did someone say wet wipes??? WHERE YOU AT @REPANDYHARRISMD

Oct 19 @ 10:47AM • Twitter

RT @aishachaudhary: AT #CapitolHill with @DC_Vote lobbing for #Statehood, meeting Congresswoman @kyrstensinemateam team #LFP2017 #Profellow…

Oct 16 @ 4:12PM • Twitter
Oct 16 @ 4:01PM • Twitter

If homeboy comes through with like... desire to end systemic inequality of DC's 680k residents through Statehood, he's gonna like... get it.

Oct 12 @ 2:24PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: The Wharf is officially christened!

Oct 11 @ 11:23AM • Twitter

@51stDC We love a good palooza.