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Mar 31 @ 10:36AM • Twitter

Coronavirus funding slight emboldens DC statehood fight

Mar 31 @ 10:10AM • Twitter

We'll be on "Community Watch and Comment" with David Rabin on @WPFWDC starting at 11am, talking about #DCStatehood and the recent revelation by the Congress that DC is a territory! Tune in here:

Mar 28 @ 9:25PM • Twitter

RT @NPR: D.C. is set to receive about $500 million while each of the 50 states receives at least $1.25 billion — even though it has a large…

Mar 28 @ 11:15AM • Twitter

.@chefjoseandres is a national treasure

Mar 27 @ 9:31PM • Twitter

This isn't about #DCStatehood, but #DCisHome to many creative and service industry people who will need this information. Big thanks to @PrideatWork for putting it togehter.

Mar 27 @ 9:20PM • Twitter

President of @AFTunion continues their long-standing support for #DCStatehood.

Mar 27 @ 3:56PM • Twitter

The legislation passed today discriminated against the District of Columbia. Watch the remarks from @SpeakerPelosi and then take action here: #DCStatehood

Mar 27 @ 1:30PM • Twitter

You seem SO concerned with representation, yet stand in the way, at every turn, of a Constitutionally allowed plan to enfranchise the 700k residents of DC. #DCStatehood now!

Mar 27 @ 9:44AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: I urge you to take three minutes to listen to Senator @ChrisVanHollen's extraordinary advocacy for DC after we got short…

Mar 27 @ 9:44AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: We always have to fight to preserve DC home rule, but we always get the same per capita federal funding as states. The S…