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Jul 27 @ 2:31PM • Twitter

RT @kevinlynchw: I have a joke about DC Statehood but I'm still waiting on people from Wyoming to decide whether or not I can say it

Jul 26 @ 9:39AM • Twitter

IN MY VIEW: Washington, D.C.: Let's make it the 51st state #DCStatehood via @greenvalleynews

Jul 25 @ 3:26PM • Twitter

We have a Home Rule joke but it doesn't totally represent us. #DCStatehood

Jul 22 @ 3:18PM • Twitter

Whether your style aligns more with @SpeakerPelosi or @MayorBowser, you now need a mask in DC. Both of these are a great way to support #DCStatehood @BailiwickCrewDC

Jul 22 @ 3:14PM • Twitter

DC Employer who needs masks for your employees? Let us know. Safety and Statehood! #DCStatehood

Jul 22 @ 10:16AM • Twitter

The only thing "unreal" about being a DC Resident is that even after 230 years, we still have no representation. #DCStatehood

Jul 21 @ 11:34AM • Twitter

Welp, we won't need to 51 star flags now. With @Jim_Jordan's opinion that corruption prevents Statehood, DC can just take Ohio's spot now. #DCStatehood

Jul 21 @ 11:18AM • Twitter

It is time to restore the $755 million DC was shortchanged. Senate, #DoYourJob and pass the HEROS Act!

Jul 17 @ 11:26PM • Twitter

Our country has lost a giant. Our cause, a champion. Rest in Power Rep. John Lewis. May we all continue the good trouble in your honor.