Nathan Harrington has a problem in his Congress Heights neighborhood: There are too many vacant houses holding down property values and attracting crime, he says, and the city isn’t doing enough to fix the problem.

So on Thursday, the 31-year-old teacher decided to seek action in the halls of power. But the halls he chose were not in D.C.’s city hall, the John A. Wilson Building, or in the Southwest offices of city property regulators, but in the Longworth House Office Building.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | DC Vote - Press Release | Matt Ackland


Earlier this week, President Barack Obama said he supports statehood for the District of Columbia. ButFlorida Congressman John Mica believes otherwise.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 | DC Vote - Press Release | Mike DeBonis

The District’s relatively strict local gun laws are again under threat from Capitol Hill, with a prominent Republican lawmaker proposing to attach an D.C.-focused amendment to a hunting-themed bill set for Senate floor consideration Wednesday.

WASHINGTON (WNEW/AP) — The mayor of the District of Columbia is urging residents to boycott the Eastern Shore of Maryland this holiday, because of its congressional representative’s position on decriminalizing marijuana.

Mayor Vincent Gray said at a Wednesday news conference that the city’s residents shouldn’t support someone who doesn’t support them.

The mayor is referring to Rep. Andy Harris, who represents Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Harris successfully attached an amendment to a House budget bill that would overturn the city’s marijuana decriminalization law.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A D.C. councilmember and mayoral candidate is hoping to have a word with the Republican congressman who wants to block the nation’s capital from liberalizing its marijuana laws.

Councilmember David Catania says he’ll be at Rep. Andy Harris’ office on Friday morning to request a meeting.

Ask Congress to Refrain From Adding Social Policy Riders on DC Appropriations Bill

Today, DC Vote along with 41 other local and national organizations, delivered letters to all members of Congress urging them to oppose all efforts to undermine the District’s local autonomy though the fiscal year 2015 appropriations process.

DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry issued the following statement regarding the District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruling that the city must conduct an election for Attorney General in 2014.

“DC Vote is pleased that the Court affirmed that the voters of the District have the ability to expand democracy at the local level,” said DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry. “We commend Paul Zukerberg and DC Appleseed for standing up to protect the will of the people,” Perry said. 

Today, DC Vote sent a letter to the fifty US Senators who signed a letter to the NFL about the Washington football team name, urging them to support legislation to advance DC autonomy, including a bill to grant DC statehood.

The Senators’ May 22 letter to the NFL includes this passage:

Today's ruling by Judge Sullivan to stop DC's new budget autonomy law is unfortunate and disappointing.