Come out and help spread the DC Equality message at these upcoming commmunity festivals. We can't win this fight without you! 

Legislative Autonomy for D.C.

DC Vote partnered with Base Builder this summer to raise awareness and funds for our cause. The door-to-door outreach effort gives us a unique and timely opportunity to hear residents' dismay with congressional oversight.

Creating a New State to Achieve Equality

The District of Columbia is home to more than 660,000 U.S. citizens who pay federal taxes, serve on juries, fight and die in U.S. wars, and observe all obligations expected of other Americans. What distinguishes the residents, however, is the fact that they are denied the fundamental right to vote in the national legislature where key decisions are made.

Chronology of the District of Columbia’s Denial of Democracy.

Tell your Representative to GET BACK TO WORK

Even though District residents passed a local law to take back control of local tax dollars, the federal portion of the District’s budget, unfortunately, still needs congressional approval.

Show your love for DC United and DC Equality!

This XL official DC United parka is autographed by the members of the 2015 DC United roster including coach Ben Olsen. Bid now and it could be yours!

The auction will be open until Wednesday, May 13th. Your contribution will go directly to pushing for full democratic equality and fighting attacks on the District’s democracy.

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