The District of Columbia is required to submit ALL local legislation to Congress for review. The Congressional review process requires a 30 legislative day review for civil bills and 60 day review of all criminal bills. The review period delays the District government bills from becoming law, often for many months.  This delay forces the D.C.

DC Vote's door-to-door education and fundraising canvass is in high gear! We've had the pleasure of meeting so many passionate and dedicated Washingtonians along the way. 

The District of Columbia is home to more than 660,000 U.S. citizens who pay federal taxes, serve on juries, fight and die in U.S. wars, and observe all obligations expected of other Americans. What distinguishes the residents, however, is the fact that they are denied the fundamental right to vote in the national legislature where key decisions are made.

Chronology of the District of Columbia’s Denial of Democracy.

Tell your Representative to GET BACK TO WORK

Even though District residents passed a local law to take back control of local tax dollars, the federal portion of the District’s budget, unfortunately, still needs congressional approval.

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