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 Americans living in our nation's capital pay full federal taxes, fight and die in wars and serve on juries, yet they are denied voting representation in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

As result of the Home Rule Act of 1973, DC residents have a locally-elected mayor and council, but still all locally passed laws, as well as DC's local budget, must be sent to Congress for review and approval. At any time, Congress can overrule decisions of the local government. No other jurisdiction in the country is subjected to such oversight. 

DC Vote is working to end this injustice.

Founded in 1998, DC Vote is a national organization dedicated to securing voting representation in Congress and full equality for the more than 646,000 disenfranchised residents of the District of Columbia.

As the recognized leader in the DC voting rights movement, we:

  •   Educate Americans and international audiences about DC’s lack of representation in the US Congress
  •   Activate citizens and diverse constituencies, both in DC and beyond, to stand up and speak out
  •   Lead and manage the bi-partisan National Voting Rights Coalition to educate members of Congress and their staff
  •   Lobby and advocate for the enactment of critical  legislation that moves DC toward greater equality
  •   Serve as a resource to elected officials, the media and the general public

 Our efforts have led to a number of integral and historic initiatives to advance democracy in the District of Columbia. They include the 2009 Senate passage of the DC Voting Rights Act and the recent DC Budget Autonomy Law passed by 83 percent of DC voters and approved by Congress in 2013. 

DC Vote will continue to empower diverse constituencies to effectively advocate in a bi-partisan manner until we find a solution that will secure full democracy for the District of Columbia.  Representation in Congress is a civil right and the exclusion of more than 646,000 citizens is a blemish on our American democracy.

We can do better.

Join us today!